Why technology companies spy on you ? And why are you trying to violate your privacy ?

Why technology companies spy on you ? And why are you trying to violate your privacy ?

Personal information for users has become a fuel that drives technical companies and makes them develop more and more software in order to steal and violate your personal information. In return, dollars, the company may publicly declare the matter in its usage policy, and may not declare it until its privacy is also violated to discover that it has stolen and exploited your personal data.
You, of course, user, you see that news and laugh a little and go beyond it as if nothing had happened, but in fact, every time we publish a news that one of the technical companies began spying on its users and violating their privacy and others, many people make sarcastic comments This tells you that it is of no use to spy on him because he does not have nuclear missile launch codes, and this tells you that they will understand nothing of his language with that friend.
The post has a simple sample on what we are talking about, if you go to the comments, you will find it all ironic, the Almighty owner claims that Facebook - in this case - will not benefit anything from him, because he does not speak their language and they do not speak their language, and that they understand what he says, They will not benefit anything since it does not carry CIA hacking codes, access codes for nuclear missiles, or passwords for conspiracy theories that companies like Facebook are afraid of being exposed by people like him.
And we do not blame its owner, because it is due to his ignorance of how this data is used and how it is used and where and when, and even he has no idea how to extract and withdraw this data from its basis.

So, to clarify the matter further, here are a set of reasons and results as well as technical companies seek to achieve by spying on your data and personal information, and no, obtaining nuclear missile launch codes are not among them!

1 - Companies spy on you for marketing purposes:
It is considered the main reason for spying on you, years ago, if a leading company in the fashion field wants to launch glasses in the market, it gathers 100 or 200 people for the experiment and offers them glasses and they preview and provide their opinion, and in the end these statistics are collected and come up with a result Specific, and still necessary and effective in the field of statistics. However, the matter was exhausting for companies and cost a lot of time and effort, but now all they need to do is contact Facebook or Google or other companies, telling them that they want to announce red glasses in the market, these corporations collect information about Anyone who loves glasses (puts his interests in fashion, glasses or anything) and then studies all his posts, comments and even messages, you may find that some of them comment or write: 'Black is the only color that shows the beauty of glasses', then it sends the company that its glasses You may be better in black than in red. Companies with large branches like Facebook and Google get huge sums in exchange for providing information about the marketing desires of other companies, as they are new ideas for their products that they manufacture, and they are fully aware that they will gain popularity in the market.

2 - Companies spy on you for statistical purposes:
Have you ever heard of YouGov? Here is this funny information. Years ago, many technical bloggers promoted YouGov as a site that provides you with the ability to earn 50 dollars in a simple way, but in fact YouGov is a website of statistics and data collection. The site launches a statistical campaign on a specific topic such as: safety ratio In your country, the site presents hundreds of users with a set of inquiries and questions, users answer and pay them in return, the site collects that data and surveys and produces specific results for many countries, and we find YouGov statistics in many surveys. But YouGov or any similar sites are not accurate, because many respond randomly with the aim of making money in the end, which leads to totally wrong statistics, but with technical companies spying on you, they can know the approximate percentage of safety in your country through many users and come up with specific results Almost accurate. We see that Facebook, Google, Apple and others always issue different statistics (and if they are only close to the field of technology), but in reality they send their statistics to the governments of the countries of the world in very large amounts, and you ask why your morning newspaper has the title: '84% of the population of Morocco They don't feel safe in their country, 'although you were never questioned about this poll.

3 - Companies spy on you to know your political trends ... and change them!
Political warfare as well as stand-alone, and perhaps the most famous was the American elections that put both 'Donald Trump' and 'Hillary Clinto' on the scene, and you might hear a lot about the Russian government's interference in the American elections, and you may also watched both the CEO of Facebook and Google They testify before the US Congress, shifting their platforms, especially after the Cambridge Analytica leaks, but have you tried to sew all this out to come up with a specific conclusion? The bottom line, my friend, is that Facebook and Google are spying on users with greed and extracting every bit of information about them, and Cambridge Analytica leaks have made it clear to us publicly, a group of electronic flies (which are companies that manufacture social media accounts in order to direct Public opinion (or misrepresentation) and knowing the political orientations of users, and then posting posts motivating these users that President Trump is the best option for their political directives. Because explaining an example is the best, let's say for example that 100 people, for example, think that the ideal boss for them will be someone who can, for example, build a plant for recycling manufactured materials. Electronic flies (after extracting this information through espionage) will publish posts and tweets explaining that the president 'Trump' The green environment policy, and he will build special warehouses that collect garbage and recycle it and use it later for composting or recycling. This is slowly taking sides with the effects of President Trump's users because of corporate espionage first and then electronic flies second.

4 - Companies spy on you in response to the request of the governments of your country:
How many times have you heard about a country asking Facebook to secure its user data and provide information about them? Certainly Facebook or any other company openly rejects this request in order to preserve its ethics, but behind the scenes it provides them with access to any information whatsoever.
Social media has become like a green meadow in which all citizens look after the government, and despite the circulation of various ideas and oppositions that may harm any country or country, the latter is trying to control it by anticipating events and preventing them, and in order to achieve this you need a helping hand from Major platforms to keep an eye on these activists and their movements, perhaps banning any content that offends the country or reveals its secrets, perhaps briefing the people whom the state sees as an electronic enemy for them, we have witnessed the arrest of many activists because of a tweet or post in Facebook and others ... Facebook made very big money from these operations.

5- Or as a request to other governments:
You must have also heard about the crisis between Huawei and America, especially with Trump's decision to stop all dealing with Huawei, and you may have an idea of ​​the reasons behind that decision and may not be, so let's put you in the picture again, China has used Huawei in order to Spying on American technologies in the race for technological development, after which Huawei announced that it would start providing 5G technology soon, this technology that America aspired to reach first, America was not satisfied with being the second, especially with its constant suspicion that China had spied on American technologies using Huawei devices And its users, so she was forced to ban her from the country , This is also where technological espionage for companies enters, as they sometimes spy on users to find out their acceptance of their country, what policies the country pursues and which it tries to make available only within its settlements (as is the case for America in this case that wanted to monopolize the 5G technology for itself).
Therefore, we find that many governments of the world, such as China, prohibit the use of American software within their country, Facebook, Twitter and Google are banned in China and have alternatives such as Baidu, and Google has announced a Google Dragonfly project, which is a search engine for China that does not spy on its users at all. But the US government refused, so the project was canceled, the same is true in Russia as it relies on its own services such as Yandex as a search engine and Vkontakte as a social site and avoids the use of American software until it stops its digital spying on it via users in order to obtain sensitive information about the country.
Returning us to the past as well, we find that America has expelled the Russian company Kaspersky, which is specialized in security and protection, after it discovered that it is spying on the data of clients in the American CIA, to be banned by America immediately and absolutely.

6 - Companies spy on you to develop more professional software / hardware / platforms:
Oh yeah, and the best example of that is the robot 'Sofia', many see 'Sofia' as just a regular robot that quotes what he says through search engines or something like that, but in reality she creates her answers, her personality and everything she says based on So much information, data and opinions as well. The question here is, where did 'Sofia' (or rather the developers of Sofia) get all of this data?
By spying on your buying habits, your religious attitudes, your ethnic attitudes, what you love and what you hate, what do you prefer and what you don't prefer, what do people see disgusting and what do people see nice, all of this was built by grouping You have a tremendous amount of information through social networking sites and search engines and any platform that spies on you in this world to be implanted in the entity of Sofia in the end, all you do now is Sofia is to sort, classify and configure this information according to the case, to come out with its own answer, or type Of fake feelings.
Another example of this is the recently emerged FaceApp application, which openly takes your photos and uses them in their databases, we came up with some sarcastic comments when we referred to the news, such as: It does not matter that they take my photos because I am ugly in the first place, and so on.
FaceApp will sell that large base of faces and images to DeepFake-based platforms, for example, or platforms that develop digital robots, or even to Sofia developers, to better understand facial details.

In conclusion:
There are a lot of parties that want your information, hostels and hotels companies, cosmetic companies and others, all of which have interests to know your geographical location to know the best places in which to broadcast their hotels, or your health condition so that the cosmetic companies know your condition and can provide the best solutions for you, all companies Now it relies on the information gathered in order to achieve its marketing objective, the same for the governments of the world, countries and countries, unfair competition between the leading companies and other reasons. So the next time you discover a platform that spies on you, it does not want your nuclear codes, and it really knows and understands the language in which you write, and it continues to spy on you in order to collect your data to send it to the best companies to provide you with the best devices to buy them at the best prices And you walk in the land as fun as if you chose that company, while it was you who originally chose you!