For designers ... 10 Android apps should definitely be in your phone!

For designers ... 10 Android apps should definitely be in your phone!

The smartphone and the computer are twins that should not be separated from each other. Each of them now complements the other, and it is difficult to replace one with the other also, especially as they have become completely different fields, and those who practice a specific profession or work in a specific field such as programming, development, design, writing, and Other, there are many software and platforms on the computer that suit your business, and there are also many applications and other platforms for your phone chosen for you in order to practice that work with more productivity, greater intelligence and less effort.
And we have already provided many applications on our Aqua Web for many people from various fields, including programmers, developers, game lovers, etc., and today the role comes to designers and designers, the category of creators who convert colors into creative forms like no other For her, today we're going to show you designer apps and designers that you should never miss.

- Pinterest:
Really, an application should be on the phone of every designer, and should even be in the phone of every person who loves to get permanent creativity on his phone, the Pinterest platform is a professional photo platform that allows you to follow a group of Boards or people and receive their photos and their own posts on Your phone, as the platform provides you with random pictures according to the research style you do, for creators, designers and designers, you can follow the chants of many creators in the field who publish their creations on the Pinterest platform, this platform is very full of creative images, you will spend hours browsing the images of others and Their drawings and scribbles, and it will enable you to enrich creatively and intellectually, And you will find great ease in designing and creating your next designs, a unique platform and for everyone to use it either on the computer, or on the official Android application.
- Sketchbook:
An ideal application for drawing your plans before implementation, and with plans we mean the Sketches, when a customer asks you to create a logo or a specific design, the first thing you do is take a paper and a pen and start planning and creativity in order to make that design, you can do that from Your Android device is now using Sketchbook, with many other features as well, such as adding colors, facilitating drawing, and many other features. You can also use the application to record your creations and inspirations that you may get, perhaps while hiking, or during a particular trip, it is The Shining which Hold for a while and if you do not record it or save it, it will be lost forever, this app will try L prevent this from happening.
- Adobe Lightroom:
One of the most famous applications of the Adobe company, this application allows you to amend your captured images and convert them to unparalleled images, you can add many effects to the image besides manipulating the colors and their advisability and giving color to another color, this application will help the designers To amend their photos and take them to another level, a very creative and professional level. Mostly, taking a picture on the phone may not be professional for poor lighting or taking it at an inappropriate time and place, which will refer you first or last to one of the programs and applications of the amendment to Pictures and Adobe Lightroom are ideal software To do so.
- Adobe Photoshop Express:
Speaking of Adobe software, you should mention that you, my designer brother, may also need the Adobe Photoshop Express application in your smartphone, a platform widget and the very well-known Adobe Photoshop program, the application will allow you to further manipulate any design or image you include in the program, you will be able to Full control over the design from adding fonts, effects, writings, or whatever. It is similar to the Adobe Photoshop program for the computer, but this is more intended for smartphones, and very close to the configuration of the original platform, and since you are dealing with it in advance, I do not think you You may find a problem or difficulty in using the Android application.
- Canva:
 Canva platform on the mobile allows you to manufacture and design banners, pictures, brochures, and even infographic using a set of designs that are adjustable by the platform, you are completely free to control every part and every small and large of designs that you are about to design and manufacture, The platform is professional and ideal and should be used by every programmer who wanted to make a banner quickly using his smartphone, yes applications such as Canva and others provide you with the ability to use your capabilities and your taste in the field of design using your smartphone ... What is the most amazing of this ?!
Adobe Illustrator Draw:
To be realistic, Adobe company has a monopoly in the field of design and creativity in its entirety, it has many programs in this field, and all of them are strong, wonderful and professional, among its software there is also Adobe Stratore, the Stratur provides you with the possibility to draw using the Vector and make any design you want whatever You can also do the same thing now using your Android phone with the Illustrator Draw application, a unique application for designers and designers that brings with it many of the features that the latter will need in order to draw or make a specific design using only his phone, as was the practice with all Adobe products.
- Behance:
Perhaps an application that many expected in this article, and maybe I also thought my designer brother that we might overlook him in this article and we will not present it, but unfortunately there is no escape from it as it is a very important application for all designers, the Behance platform and again affiliated with Apple allows you to put your designs and creations On the platform and see it from others and explore it, as you can follow many international designers through it and see their new ones as well, it is a social platform from designers, creators and designers, to designers, creators and designers, a professional platform through which you can do two things Two Presidents: First, showcasing your creativity to another brother Yen and also show your services to those who seek it, and secondly elicit inspired by the creative ideas of others as well.
- Artflow:
An application for lovers of graphic and digital graphic, the application allows you to draw the characters or graphics that you want through the application, provides almost everything you need to do that from tools, adjustments, colors, etc., and also includes the features of the Sketch that can be used to capture your ideas before escaping as well Previously mentioned in the Sketchbook app, the app is generally useful for anyone who wants to convert ideas and speech into scrawls and drawings that express themselves.
- Adobe Photoshop Sketch:
 4 applications out of 10 in addition to the Behans platform makes the Adobe company excel in this article undisputedly, another application for Android dedicated to designers and designers, an application full of scrabbles and sketches that will benefit and benefit every programmer, you are free to draw any idea that came to your mind, Scrawl Scrawl Also to any formula or technology you want, an ideal application from a perfect company for the category of people m JPY!

- Color References:
And they say that its conclusion is a hold, I don’t know if the conclusion of this article is a hold or not, but in general we will suggest you as the conclusion of the Color References application, an application that will help you in selecting the appropriate colors for your designs through your phone, studying the consistency of color as well as its graduation, providing suggestions for colors compatible with each other Some, while also providing the hex code for the color in case you want to use it directly in another platform, the application is perfect for everyone looking for a color harmony from the phone, and I have searched a lot in similar applications before we review this app for you, and we hope that our selection is successful . My designer friend told me, what do you think of this assembly? Have you used some of them before? If you like, we may provide you the second part soon, too.