How do gaming companies, social sites and free services make profits ?

How do gaming companies, social sites and free services make profits ?

When it comes to the world of profits, everyone seeks to achieve that goal no matter what, whether it is simple companies, emerging sites, startups and even big companies. Any start-up or completed project whose first and last goal is profits in the first place is a common matter in the field of entrepreneurship. No entrepreneur in the world will tell you the opposite.
And at the height of the bickering and the craving for profits, we find many services and companies in our hands that perhaps from a simple profit standpoint do not profit anything, they provide us completely free services, on top of which are social networking sites, and communication applications such as WhatsApp and others, passing through With game companies that offer us many times, and not always, a dozen free games that we enjoy.
So how is it possible, then, that these companies lose human heads and make them work day and night in order to create an application, program, game, site, service ... that is provided to the user on a silver platter? Therefore, we will suggest to you in today's topic a simple tour in the world of corporate profits and how the latter makes its money.
A tour of the world of known profits: Let us first draw the world of profits into this topic and look at some profit companies in the world that have shown the world their intention to make profits, as a simple example, let us take the services of buying and selling sites, on top of which are Ebay and AliExpress, in each of the following two sites, if I ask you Question: How do the two companies and the following two sites make their profits? Mostly, you will answer me with a close, immediate answer to: you take a percentage of the profits on each purchase of a product, or perhaps: you advertise and review the products of major companies in exchange for paying them, and this is definitely no doubt, as it really does, for example, the AliExpress website reviews for you Xiaomi devices, not for free, but because the company paid AliExpress to advertise and showcase its product.
By taking another source of profit for a group of companies, we find that the user is the main cause of the company's profits and not other companies, for example we find a group of sites and services that offer the user distinct services for payment or for the purchase of a paid account, and we find this in many From companies buying domains sites and hosting, as well as companies that buy premium accounts and others such as cloud technologies such as Mega Services, OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, their profits in total must make the user pay to get the services.
By dropping the same principle on a group of profitable sites, you will not find any difference from the above methods of profitability for companies.
A tour of the gaming company profits world: In a message on the PhoenixWeb page, which I arrived months ago and we answered a convincing answer, the questioner sent me: “How do gaming companies make money? I now play Battlefield for free, and mostly programmed by more than 100 programmers, designers, and analysts, I did not pay them anything and I enjoy the game, so how do these companies achieve their profits?
I will paraphrase his answer at length until it meets the conditions of the paragraph. The world of games is a world that is a little different from the world of companies with dedicated services. Games rely heavily on achieving their profits through stores buying real and fake games.
Let's start with the truth, game companies produce a large dozen game discs, and sell them to regular stores or game stores, you may find it rare in the Arab world, but in foreign societies, you can acquire computer games from the supermarket and stores normally, such as buying bananas or potatoes There is no difference, and thus the gaming companies achieve an important part of their profits, and it is permissible to mention here, that for the big and expected games, you find a huge crowd in front of the game stores, waiting for the official launch of the game, and this is the best evidence of people's interest in acquiring games Shops .
If you are lazy (like me), and refuse to go to a supermarket and buy a game, other companies have designated stores for selling games online (these companies that also profit from reviewing the products of other game companies as we mentioned in the first paragraph), the game companies review their games on These stores, we mention the most important of which are Steam and Origins as well as G2H platform, as it allows the user to pay for the full download of the game with a legal activation of his own and the user pays the money to the company and that company makes its profits by that user.
In sum, these are the main methods that bring games to the gaming companies, but there are other methods, but not in all games, of course, but we will mention: Built in Ads: Simply put, are midfield ads included, what? But when I play the game I don't see Adsense ads or anything, what are you talking about? Are ads for certain companies, my friend, programmed in the game, you want a clear example? Let me take an example of a Pro Evolution Soccer game, have you noticed ads for other companies in the middle of the game in the stands? Perhaps KIA's advertisements or something like that was not placed free of charge. Rather, the KIA company paid the developer of the game huge sums to include the publicity in its copies, and the pricing increases according to the game's popularity.
Want another example? Take, for example, the Need For Speed ​​game, Mclaren, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Bugati cars, etc. are not an addition to the game, the game can create its own car names (as in the very old and early versions of the game), but the advertising factor is necessary In such games, yes, the game is paid for

A tour of the world of free services profits and free sites:
You may use it today and now, perhaps Facebook for example, or YouTube and Google, or Twitter, or even free applications such as WhatsApp, Instagram and Viber, if you think for a while, it does not provide you with purchase services, and at the same time, it does not Offering companies or advertising them for huge profits, there is a side of advertising profits in some of these services such as Facebook and Twitter, as we find that it shows some ads for users who paid simple dollars to expand their service activity, but even if these ads are large, they are You cannot, in any way, make Facebook a company with a market value of up to 400 400 billion dollars, and that the profits of the company Facebook for the first quarter of 2017 make 6 billion dollars, and 9 billion dollars for the second profit for the year 2017, or made the application of WhatsApp in its beginning worth 19 billion dollars, and today it amounts to hundreds of millions of dollars, so how ? How can Facebook become billions of dollars in capital with free services and low ads?
According to our analyzes, our research, and our tribal information, we have found two basic methods that made these sites and free services acquiesce in the ceilings of billions of dollars, mainly as follows:

First, advanced technologies, Google, Facebook, Tesla and others provide you with these free services in order to introduce her company only, but as for its profits, it depends on future technologies, for example, we find that Facebook aspires to build a city of its own with self-driving cars and Internet technologies of Everything and others, and you want to create a virtual social network through the Augmented Reality, Google also seeks the same path, and designs self-driving cars, smart glasses, robots and the world of artificial intelligence and so on, the following things enable technical companies like Google And Facebook, which provides us with free services, flock to Guardian other companies for financing and pumping billions of dollars for, perhaps you may wish to do the same and you are also something new and industry to get financing, but no one will turn to you, why? Because you are not the same as Facebook, you need services that share you first and make you at the top of the most used companies before companies pump billions of dollars to fund new projects for you, and this is the goal of free technologies, but if you are wondering what you want these are for pumping companies The money is to help Facebook, Google, or other websites build future projects. He is my friend to get a portion of the patent. If I invent, for example, a self-driving car, then its patent will be mine, and if other companies want to build it, then it will have to buy the patent. I have millions of dollars, and part of These millions of dollars will be returned to the companies that funded me in the first place.
And the closest example of that, to explain to you more closely, is the Android system, if you use the Android system for free from Google, which holds its licenses, companies do not do this for free, and I mean here companies phones and smart devices, for example LG company pays Google has millions of dollars in order to obtain licenses to use the Android system in its devices, and if not, then Google has the full right to sue it and stop its commercial activity and obtain double sums from it, did not believe? Let me list the Oracle company that tried to sue Google for its use of Java in the use of Android, even though Java is open source and free, but Oracle holds its licenses, and Oracle wanted to sue Facebook to get a portion of the profits of the Android system that was so popular, yes my friend, you are using Google Free, but the company generates millions of dollars from its technology.
As for the second way in which these free companies realize their profits, it is my friend, you, during your completion of this article, you would prefer if Facebook, YouTube and the rest of the companies make their services paid and paid for them instead of using them for free, of course you cannot neglect their free services And it must exploit it, and what it uses of these services is user data, as today all social sites and free world sites include Big Data services or big data and artificial intelligence services, through which, these companies can collect custom data about you: What Love, where are you aware? , The current status, physical condition, and everything, you can review our topic about the Big Data to understand the situation more.
But if you are wondering how to profit from this data when collecting it and how to use it, it is presented by my friend to companies specialized in user study, for example, let us take the 'Burguer King' company, the latter wants to launch a new type of burger, and you need To understand the options of people in order to reach the ideal recipe for providing a product worth buying, previously, she had to collect at least 100 people, submit their suggestions, fill out a questionnaire, pay them and so on, a problem! But today it is not enough to communicate with Facebook, and tell her that she wants information about people interested in the types of sandwiches. .
Have you seen how you become the victim when you use free things? Perhaps if Facebook were offering the option of registering a paid account and giving up the possibility of stealing user data it would have been better for us, and of course I would have paid for it.
One minute, among all this I find companies, games and products that don't offer any of this, so how do you win?
Good question, maybe companies are not my profit target, right? No, wrong, there are definitely a bunch of games, programs, services, and completely free sites that never win anything, so what is the purpose of that? In this regard, we have 3 possible options:
Emerging companies, and they often offer their products for free on the pretext of financing them for major companies, and on the pretext of publicizing the name of the company or its brand, it makes no sense to find a new company, unknown in the market, offering a program with 50 dollars and I buy it, man. I don't even know what makes your software special? Here, the company must first declare itself for sale later, and in order to do so it provides free programs, services, and websites.
The second case, which is Open Source or open source, you have to differentiate between open source projects and free projects, so there is a big difference between them. Open source projects do not have the right to be used for commercial or sale, meaning that they are purely free, and whoever provides them They are mostly companies that want to publicize themselves as well and want to make people develop their products in place of them for the sake of advertising only, such as Google and Twitter, as they offer open source projects for other companies to develop to put the rights of the parent company, which is Google or Twitter in Its project, for the sake of publicity, and among them, for example, the framework of Google's Angular work and Twitter's Bootstrap framework.

As for the third option, it is the Freemuim, and it is an option that we do not find much in projects on the web, which are programs, sites or services paid and free at the same time, if you like that project you can pay to the developers with the aim of supporting them, and if you do not like it then there is no problem Enjoy it for free, but do not forget that we are in the process of developing it, and is there a vivid example of that? Yes, we find, for example, Winrar, you can either buy it or use it for free, and we also find Sublime, and also in some games that you find in a special file for the game the phrase: If you like the game, please support the developers, and it is a suit for support The developers are easy, and I am not obligated to pay.
Perhaps it may be a lengthy topic. I know this, but in this topic I dealt with a large percentage of the issue of profits and companies, and how to generate their profits and ways of reaping profits in different ways. Therefore, we hope that you have benefited from it, and if you have any suggestions, ideas or Other methods or methodologies used by these companies, our comments are always open to discuss these topics.