How do you earn money from Facebook ?

How do you earn money from Facebook ?

A platform frequented by millions of people daily, and the total number of its users has exceeded 3 billion users from all over the world, the Facebook network is today one of the most powerful and most popular social media platforms ever, and each of these users exploits Facebook in his favor in a customized way Some of them have considered that the goal is to communicate and communicate with relatives and loved ones and make the world a small village (I bet you used the phrase making the world a small village in one of the topics about social networking sites in your educational system previously), and others have wanted to use this platform from In order to create new relationships with people who share NH same views and principles of ideas, while others were exploited by the parties to broadcast their own ideas and freedom from social restrictions and exercise their ideas freely behind the names of fake users, let alone create pages and Facebook groups dedicated to assemble these people ...
Among all these people, there is that category that found the Facebook platform as an effective platform to reap some profits, I mean if it is frequented by millions around the world and its owner achieves millions in a second, we have the right to use the platform, we in turn to reap some profits, to achieve some income, but rather became a platform Facebook is the # 1 among all the platforms used in the world now that you can rely entirely on in order to achieve a good income, so how can we then earn money through the Facebook platform?
We will show you the secrets of making a profit from Facebook, we will show you a set of ways that you can use to make money from the Facebook platform that many people also use in this world, as we have the right, we also are to exploit the 3 billion users or perhaps more to get some profits, the platform is not A monopoly of Mark Zuckerberg alone in the end!

Profit from Facebook videos:
It is now the talk of the hour on the Facebook platform, and is considered the easiest way to achieve income and profit from Facebook, as the Facebook network provides the Facebook Audience Network platform, a platform that allows content creators on the Facebook network to profit from videos and also articles that are published on the Facebook platform You can also start earning money from Facebook by registering your account on the FB Audience Network platform and then including the profit feature on your Facebook page and then sharing and posting video content, then you will reap profits on every view of your video, for example, you must You also encounter those videos on the platform that you watch minutes from and then appear Ads platform, get ready to do the same using this platform, we provide a full explanation of her through the following article if you want to start it. It is also worth noting that this feature is also available in order to make profit through articles through the technology of Instant Articles or instant articles, so that you can make your site compatible with instant articles or post articles on your Facebook page and include the feature of Instant Articles in order to show some ads Facebook platform In articles, this method will enable you to profit from Facebook ads through the Facebook Audience Network platform as well.
- Make money from Facebook pages:
The largest percentage of profit making methods is through the Facebook platform, as through one Facebook page you can make it live up to the strongest possibilities of gathering fans and obtaining interaction, but after reaching this point what then? Most of the Facebook pages today rely on ads, as they are a powerful source for fans and potential customers, so many companies are striving and rushing about these pages in order to advertise on it because it will be cheaper and easier for them to build a new page and publish their own ads in it, and that you are the owner of a page Big Facebook and many fans and terrible interaction, you can earn money from your Facebook page through the ads you post, and you will also receive many offers in your page messages do not worry. And if it does not happen, the elements of your Facebook page are still on the table for abundant profit, as you can always exploit it, and some people have become the work of making the pages enormously large and then being sold to those interested in them with good amounts of money, or you can only publish some offers and services as a result Receive some profits through it, now start making your Facebook page and start enlarging it, because you will definitely make a lot of money in the future!
Make money with your personal profile:
Facebook has invaded the so-called Influencers or 'influencers' and they are people who have invaded the social network Facebook with their posts and videos, but the most important is the direct broadcast shares that they provide on the platform, some of them who are specialized in the field, and some of them who entered the field with a scandal or slander False, so he became the 'influencer' of millions of daily followers and hundreds of thousands of likes on every post he publishes on his page, and even if I asked him about his real work he tells you: 'influenced on Facebook', these people reap a lot of money through the platform by defaming some products first, and Mostly libelous places, those people who have Free meals in restaurants and free tours in hotels, in order to only defame that place and show it to the public ... Despite the absurdity of this work, but you can also make an impact in your own way, gather followers through your Facebook account and start creating your own army. If you will, after reaching a specific number, you may be confused in choosing the best ad offers that bring you money.
Profit from Facebook by commission marketing:
 Facebook has become a marketing platform with distinction, but you can even reach a targeted group with high accuracy due to the advanced specialties provided by the Facebook platform (which in turn brings it through spying on users و) and you can choose one product to market and reach it for very large sales through the Facebook platform, This will not create product awareness (Brand Awareness) but only promote the product, you must first at this stage if you want to start commission commission marketing to search for sites and platforms that provide you with the ability to choose a specific product (whether a physical product, application, program, site ... ) It then provides you with your links to start marketing, after that And by creating a Facebook page or a Facebook group or any of the methods provided by the Facebook network, then you publish the product or define it or even market it in a paid way (Sponsor) through the Facebook platform, this will bring sales to you and you will get your commission from it, because Facebook includes millions of people Around the world and with some intelligence you can target the most interested people in this product. Not only is commission marketing, some also practice dropshipping and is a little bit like commission marketing
Marketing your capabilities and skills via Facebook:
If you are not lucky in commission marketing or profit from your page or anything like that, but you are an expert in a specific field, perhaps an expert in the field of informatics and good at programming websites, it is time to market yourself through Facebook and get potential customers to request your services And make a profit through Facebook using your skills, I have used - personally - this to bring in some potential clients to create some small projects in return for a financial return, and you will surely succeed in obtaining special clients, you must first start creating your own Portfolio, in This stage does not have to host it in a specific location, it is enough to add the Alp Retvolio your on your Facebook or profile page (it is better for a Facebook page to be able to market it later), post on your own page some of your accomplishments and projects that you have made and reviewed as well, and then promote it and bring in the largest number of potential customers Who would like you to create their own software with you, you can later determine the price you want for the service, in this way you will be able to convert the Facebook platform from a nice communication platform to a platform that brings you big money.
Make money through buying and selling groups:
The Facebook founder wanted to literally make the Facebook platform a small village that collects almost everything, and it appeared at a time not near to the sales and purchase Facebook groups, as you can browse anything for sale and buy anything you want with the touch of a button without leaving the Facebook network, With some intuition, you can devise some ways to profit from Facebook for beginners and even professionals, as you can review your devices or tools for sale in Facebook groups for buying and selling, but what if you do not have anything to sell? Here the real business begins, you can buy goods from the same groups and resell them. If you have some experience in e-marketing, you will achieve a very good income by using the Facebook platform alone and its dedicated groups.
- Manage your Facebook advertising campaigns:
Rare in the Arab world, but the demand for it is increasing in the Western world, as we pointed out. The Facebook platform has many users today with different interests, and trying to target this category may fail, why? Because you simply do not have knowledge of managing campaigns on Facebook, Facebook depends on many principles in evaluating ads on its platform, and your ad may consume a lot and bring you few results. The best consumption of the money on Facebook ads is to get the best results through it, You get weak clicks in the price and a weak interaction in the price, which makes only $ 10 of ads harvest you results that you may only bring with $ 50, so page owners prefer paying to specialists in managing advertising campaigns on Facebook in order to balance the money consumed and The results obtained. You can be the manager of this campaign, you can start now in taking courses and courses in the professionalization of Facebook marketing and start managing large page campaigns and other people and you will reap a great return as a result of providing this service.

Kings Clickbait and Viral Profits:
Whether you are against these two concepts (like me) or with them, except that employing them in this article is compulsory, Clickbait and Viral are among the most well-known techniques for profit from Facebook in a seamless manner. For those who will encounter these two concepts for the first time, Clickbait is misleading in the titles, is making the title Totally exciting or touching the person’s psyche, for example headlines: 'Watch what happened to this man when he touched the Qur'an for the first time.' You must always encounter these headlines, and you may see them sometimes silly and exploitative to religion at other times, but it touches the emotional side of many people. They click on these links to sites filled with ads everywhere, but no Viral, it is the viral content that spreads among people with lightning speed, such as news of scandals, artists, celebrities, and others. Writing an article that is misleading in the title and has viral content and promoting it at only $ 1 may make you $ 100 a day, and that only by using the Facebook platform , A simple but effective trick, especially in the Arab world, and Facebook has started fighting this kind of content on its platform recently, but an Arab is still popular. It is also worth noting here that the Instagram platform also can be used for this matter as it also includes a lot of users, and even any of the above methods can be used on Instagram also the platform of the Facebook platform to achieve your own income as well, except that in the Instagram platform you are obligated to promote The post in order to provide the ability to click on it.
The selection of the Niche is very accurate:
And we conclude with this article with the most important and best advice to make the best profit from Facebook, choosing the Niche, for those who come across this term for the first time, because the Nitch is simply the field, there are fields that are more desirable than other fields, for example the field of technology and technology, the category of those interested in it is few Especially in the Arab world, so it is weak nech (we do not yet know why we are continuing in this field, but we cannot abandon thousands of followers who are constantly watching our new) while there are other fields that are more desirable, such as news, or the movies and cinema fields, and even The field of sports, these fields are a large and segment of its followers For those who are interested, therefore, it will be easy for you to climb quickly in the field, and going up quickly means bringing in followers and are more interested, and by doing this, larger advertisements and expanded popularity of your content, and through it you can apply any of the previous methods in this article and you will find yourself generating income And you earn from Facebook through that niche. So the watershed here is the good choice of the next domain. After you finish reading these lines, and choosing the best way to profit from Facebook you must first bring a paper and a pen and do your research and extract the areas that you think are rapidly spreading, then start your way in making a profit from Facebook.