How do you earn money from Instagram ?

How do you earn money from Instagram ?

A platform frequented by millions of people daily, and the total number of its users has exceeded 1 billion users from all over the world Yes it is the Instagram / Instagram / Instagram platform, it is today considered one of the most powerful and most popular social media platforms ever, which means that it has become a fertile ground for marketing services And products. In today's article we will talk about very wonderful and useful ways to profit from Instagram that you can consider as ways to profit from the Internet for the year 2019.
- Selling photos Yes my friend, you can sell your photos. The idea is that there are some companies around the world that may want to buy pictures from a specific country or city. Suppose that there is a global website that would like to talk about Morocco who might want to get pictures of famous regions. Here comes your role, my friend. You can review your skills in photography on your Instagram wall and in correspondence with companies in order to sell your photos. Among the most prominent platforms that buy pictures there is 'National Geographic' that is very interested in buying photos of amateur photographers greatly and sharing them through its platform or through its own accounts as well, and if the latter has a dozen professional photographers but it is always looking for amateur photographers, in general If you promote your account on Instagram on the basis that you are a professional photographer and that by publishing your captured images, you have a large percentage to sell your photos in the future, and at a reasonable price as well.

- Review the products
Do you remember my friend when I told you that Instagram has become a fertile ground for marketing products and services. Well, what you have to know is that you need an Instagram account but this account must target a certain Niche. Cats, dogs, clothes, jewelry, toys, etc. ... It is not only that you have to do some effort first, which is to enlarge the audience base of your account. Now the question is how do I earn from this account? Don't worry, the matter is simple. When you reach a certain number of followers, you will then start contacting companies that sell products for the ones you choose.
Many have gone into this field and most of the Instagram users or owners of this account have followed this pattern in reaping some profits, especially since the trend towards Instagram has become more than the users ’guide to the Facebook platform, you can through your account and after obtaining a number of followers it is okay to start with your idea. On some services and platforms to promote its products via Instagram, Instagram comes with a great visual setup (that is, photos and videos have a monopoly on the platform) which makes the visual content more popular especially if your account includes a large number of followers.
Commission marketing
I think the concept of commission marketing is known to everyone. If you don't know, no problem, you can read our article on this topic here. Well it's simple to promote your Affiliate offer on your account and if your fans like it they will buy through your link.
Commission marketing does not differ much from reviewing the aforementioned products, the difference here is that you shop at any time you want after participating in one of the commission marketing sites, while reviewing the products comes according to the company that sends you to review its products, and you do not get any compensation in Affiliate marketing until the user completes a purchase, unlike reviewing products that are entirely dependent only on publishing, commission commissioning via Instagram is a little difficult, but with some experience you can make money through Instagram with ease.
Selling Instagram accounts:
Yes, and perhaps one of the most powerful ways to profit at all via Instagram, it is difficult for any startup or person who aims to promote via Instagram to start an account from scratch, why? Because it is tiring, and it is preferable to acquire an account with a group of interactive followers at a good price to start directly in its own operations without going through the stage of gathering the followers, and some people have mastered this matter, they created Instagram accounts specializing in certain netsheets (especially the popular ones in order to bring the followers at a price Such as sports, jokes, etc. ... then develop it and publish it until you reach the number of fans and followers who are estimated in thousands, then you can review the account for sale (whether on Instagram by itself or other platforms) ... in this way you can profit from Instagram with ease as well. . It is the same for Facebook, we have put forward some ways about ways to make money from Facebook that you can rely on, including selling accounts as well.
Profit by blogging:
Whether Blogging, or Vlogging, you can still make a return from it using Instagram, as you can still share your blogging and expand circle of fans via Instagram, then lead your fans to your blogging links on the site or on YouTube, Instagram is still It allows you to direct a percentage of your fans toward a specific link, and every blogger can use that to his advantage.
Likewise, you can make your Instagram account a news or informational platform, so that you can alert your fans that you have published new content on your site or platform and they will go directly to them, for example, because Facebook is reducing access (Reach) and not everyone is alerted to your new content. In this respect, you can use Instagram to direct some of your new content.
Get potential customers via Instagram:
Since it depends entirely on the visual configuration of the users and depends on the images and videos in reaching and communicating the message to the followers, you can through Instagram to promote yourself and your services, to publish some of the things you have made and developed (sites, programs, applications, the results of marketing campaigns ...) Then you collect the followers around you, this will lead to the formation of a list of potential customers who may appear some of them requesting your services in programming or design or what you offer if it is professional.

In another language, you can choose an Instagram platform to promote yourself and your capabilities in order to search for a job or free work to accomplish for a financial price, and thus you may create for yourself on Instagram a distinct platform to search for job opportunities remotely that suit your capabilities, and the more your circle of followers the higher the price Your services of course.
After you took a comprehensive idea about the matter and how to start it, you may now want to start in the field and achieve some financial sums through it, but remember the matter needs patience and since the field did not spread much much in the Arab world, it is difficult to obtain books or courses in Arabic in This area is currently.