Search engine marketing strategies and their importance

Search engine marketing strategies and their importance

E-marketing is one of the most advanced sciences in the last decade, especially since the beginning of the emergence of social media, the great marketing power, and the competition that occurred in order to win customers. But the most successful field of marketing remains the search engine marketing, which was the owner of the largest share in the development of it is the search engine (Google), which accounts for more than 67% of the search engine market. The work to show results and their progress at the top of the search is divided into two methods, a paid section which is Google ads and the other unpaid section which is called SEO (configure search engines).
There are many methods and tools used in e-marketing strategy and this is due to the presence of many continuous changes and updates in this field, so we find those interested in marketing with them as a huge questions about how to use these tools in the process of e-marketing, and we will clarify these questions.
Search engines are multiple but there are famous people on the Internet such as: (Google-Being-Yahoo), their marketing is based on the process of configuring and optimizing your site for search engines to appear in the first search results, and directly to the target customers from your perspective.
This method is one of the most important e-marketing strategies, due to the statistics that have proven that 90% of the targeted visitors and customers come through research.

Paid search :( PPC)
It is a process that is based on the website obtaining many targeted visitors by paying for a click and it is called “pay per click” where the user in this process will pay for clicking on the displayed ad.
Free Search: (SEO)
It is the process of improving and configuring the website of the search engines, in order to put your site in the best order and highest search results. This is called the natural (organic) way of the site appearing in the early search results, it depends on how strong the word the user enters into the search engine.
Benefits of using search engine marketing Search engines are the main gateway to the Internet, as 95% of Internet users in the world visited search engines in August 2007. Increased levels of confidence and security by users, reaching 71% in search engine results, whether they are natural results (Organic Search) or paid results (Paid Search). The vast majority of Internet users place search engine websites on the first major pages of the web browser. The occurrence of hundreds of billions of searches: More than 131 billion searches were made in December 2009, and they reached four billion movements per day, 175 million movements per hour and 2.9 million movements per minute.
Search engines reduce the buying cycle: by providing sufficient information about the commodity or service offered, which contributes to completing purchases quickly. Studies have proven that search engines are working to raise the level of brand awareness by 220%, especially the initial results that appear at the beginning of the search engine results page (SERP) as users focus on the first six results and neglect the rest, so the website owner must work on Increase the visibility of his site on the search engine results page.
With this type, you can reach the target audience suitable for your service or product more quickly than traditional methods.
You can save when you use this method because it saves you money and time due to the large amounts of money not being paid to appear in the first results of the research. With this type of marketing, you can do more than one marketing process, that is, you can market more than one product or service at the same time. You can market to a specific, specific area: by using specific words specific to that field.
With this type of marketing, you can provide the number of customers and visitors to your own website.

The bottom line
The vast majority of Internet users use Search Engines Optimization (SEO) to access the information they want, with billions of pages organized by search engines to index and facilitate access to them according to their needs. This is what marketers and entrepreneurs have worked on in order to use it in search engine marketing.
And to reach that the search engine marketing strategy is one of the most important tools used in e-marketing operations, if you have a new site, you can climb it now in the first search results, but before implementation you should plan a complete marketing strategy through this method to properly access your site to Introduction to research and results, and achieve the required confidence of your target customers and work to increase and attract them.
These engines are the public gateway to access the required information in the context of the information, news and numbers on the Internet, so it is important for marketers and those in charge of media and advertising campaigns to take into account the existence of a correct mechanism in dealing with these engines and publish the most important and major headlines that the public can start the search process And see through it.